Probiotics Fermentation and Isolation Assay

OPTBIO Health Science is R&D resources using new probiotics isolated from various sources. 

In addition, through optimized fermentation, product quality improvement of probiotics and functional studies 

using various metabolites are conducted, and the functionality of the probiotics is explored through Whole-Genome.

Functional Probiotics Research

Functional Health Supplement

Microbiome Analysis and Solution Provision

'Microbiome' refers to the genetic information of microorganisms that coexist with humans enough to be called the second genome.

As it has been confirmed to have various effects on the human body, more than 90% of diseases are related to the microbiome.

OPTBIO aims to provide personalized management and solutions through microbiome analysis based on big data.

We are conducting analysis and research on the microbiome community through genome analysis technology [NGS: Next Generation Sequencing] in humans, animals, and plants using raw materials under development.