Exosomes are typical extracellular vesicles (EVs) with a size of 50 to 200 nm composed of a phospholipid bilayer. They contain various bioactive substances and act as a carrier between cells.

We are developing 'Exosome' material, a nano-sized vesicle secreted from cells to exchange information between cells. In addition to research/development of exosomes derived from plants in clean natural regions and exosomes derived from lactic acid bacteria, various functionalities such as yield increase, anti-aging, hair growth, skin disease improvement, wrinkle improvement, and whitening effect of exosomes have been extensively confirmed. We are committed to establishing a detailed development process and conducting various verification studies.

The size of a skin pore is about 0.02 to 0.05 mm, which is 20,000 to 50,000 nm in numerical terms.

The size of exosome is 50 - 200nm, for example, OPTBIO Tannin Exosome has an average size of 140nm, and exosome particles that are smaller than pores penetrate quickly into the skin to show rapid skin improvement efficacy and effects.

*Limited to raw material characteristics


Eco-High Perfomance Pre-process (Eco-HPP™)

OPTBIO's own pre-treatment technology that maximizes the extraction yield by securing the porosity of the tissue of natural products 

in a low-temperature vacuum state without chemical substances or thermal deformation

Convergence technology that upcycles dried products by grafting with Eco-LTVE™.